Our recipes

I’ve been thinking about writing up a little recipe book for quite a while now as I wanted to give it to those who use our "Aceto", and I finally feel that now is the moment to suggest to you some recipes, every month, that in my opinion are simple to follow and without doubt , will enhance the characteristics and perfume of our "Aceto" greatly. Some plates which have been suggested by our friends and their passion of eating well and healthy may seem new, but its clear that the majority included are now considered "classic" and can be seen in most typical Modenese recipes and cookbooks, but as they always say in Latin "Repetita Juvant".
A great thanks to the wonderful Clara Scaglioni, who not only shared her collection of recipes but also let us in on some invaluable tips and advice: I hope that this little thanks I give to you or customers, goes someway showing how deeply grateful I am to you for chosing the vinegars for the "Acetaia La Bonissima", run by the De Pietri family for many years with care attention, and a deep passion because in the vinegar you are using there is a sense of love and strong spirit of sacrifice by us the producers.

Again it is worth remembering as a rule regarding the correct use of "Balsamic" that the Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP is suitable for cooking while the "Traditional" more aged must never be used in cooking and is used as the finishing touches to compliment a dish, just as a fine lady would use perfume as her final touch of preparing so she can leave a lingering memory of herself and this is our intention and feelings we wish to transmit in the smell and essence of our "Balsamic".

For this I give special thanks and love to my husband, Franco, who is the real creator and watchful guardian of our precious vinegars which can be found in all good stores.

Donatella Quartieri De Pietri
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