Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena DOP

Produzione Aceto Balsamico DOP

The Production

This precious Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena (following "Balsamic") produced in the Antichi Domini Estensi is the result of a long slow transformation of cooked grape must matured by slow acidification derived from a natural fermentation and a progressive concentration through aging in a series of various kinds of wooden barrels without the addition of any other aromatic substances or flavours.

The long period of rest in the various kinds of wooden barrels including oak, juniper, cherry, mulberry and ash, gives this product a typical inimitable flavor, sweet and sour a wide square opening on the top to allow the liquid content to oxygenate and a suitable both is used to cover and protect from any dirt or dust.

Barrels and Rows

The barrels must be sized from a sliding scale from 50lts to 10lts. A new row will begin with fermented cooked must. They are then stored in attics of our Acetaia where they will endure the summer heat causing the evaporation causing a decrease in the level of the liquid in the barrels. One time a year, in the coldest season, when the "Balsamic" is resting it is necessary to perform "racking and reinforcement" with an literally means topping up the levels in the barrel using the contents from the smallest barrel using the contests from the next barrel up and so on until we finally reach the biggest barrel in which we add the cooked must which had already been prepared in the previous autumn.

The long rest

It will take many years before the "Balsamic" in the rows achieve the organoleptic levels well balanced with a velvety generous full body, typical characteristics of this real gem.

This wonderful nectar, which is dark-brown in colour has a characteristic penetrating aroma. Overall its density manifests to produce and thick smooth syrup. The high sugar concentration of the cooked must will develop into an initial fermentation alcohol which will then transform some of this sugar into alcohol before then fermenting and transforming the alcohol into vinegar thanks to micro-organisms called “acetobacter”. To make sure this process happens the barrels, usually five, have (reference values on visual aspects, olfactory and taste) which “master tasters” has established for granting eligibility to bottle under the codes of the Consortium of Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena DOP. The famous bottle designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro has a special glass shape with a rectangular glass base, and its an absolute necessity for all producers to seal and number each bottle in accordance with the Production Guidelines. Before you can begin to use the vinegar from rows to bottle at least 12 years must have passed which it can then be called “refined” and over 25 years for that rare product which carries the label "Extravecchio".
It is not permitted to indicate the exact year of production or age of the vinegar in accordance with the Official Guidelines of Production. The removal of the mature product must be carried out exclusively using only the smallest barrel of each row "battery" and never for a quantity exceeding more than 1-2 litres per year which world unsettle the "battery" too much. Most of the "Balsamic" which has aged stays inside the barrels to aid the process of aging the sequence of refilling and pouring as we have said before.

At the table

The Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena DOP we see today reconfirms its ancient therapeutic powers due to the high content of minerals which make it as ideal dietary supplement. It is an excellent stimulant for digestion and is often used as such after meals, however, its real power is in the vote of protagonist at any table or in the kitchen using its most recognized characteristics to enhance flavours in dishes and plates for all your dinner guests.
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