Sigillo Verde

The Product

Intense fruity perfuse, envolved over many quiet years resting. It has a classic dark brown colour, and is irreplaceable in the preparation of roasts, or stewed meats, it is a fine elegant dressing than can add a distict touch to boiled vegetables.


Cooked Grape Must and Wine Vinegar. 
Gluten free, without sulphites, additives and colorings.
No expiry date.


  • Capacity 250ml.
  • Drop Pourer Cap


  • Box of 12 bottles (0,540 Kg for bottle 6,850 Kg for box) 
  • Pallet 80 x 120 cm 1512 bottles 126 boxs (886,1 Kg for pallet)
Price € 16.00
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Günstige Schweiz Fußball-Nationalmannschaft Trikots|