Il Blu 250

The Product

Soft delicate and aged in Slavpnia oak vats, which give it its delicate fruity aromas and flavours. Prepared with cooked must of grapes from vines selected carefully. It is perfect for any sauces in general, a perfect marinade for meat before cooking and exceptional when drizzled over grilled vegetables.


Wine Vinegar and Cooked Grape Must.
Gluten free, without sulphites, additives and colorings.
No expiry date 


  • Capacity 250ml.
  • Screw cap.


  • Box of 12 bottles (0,480 Kg for bottle 6,10Kg for box)
  • Pallet 80 x 120 cm 1680 bottles 140 boxs (877,00Kg for pallet)
Price € 7.00
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Günstige Schweiz Fußball-Nationalmannschaft Trikots|