Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena DOP

Storia Aceto Balsamico DOP

The history

"Balsamic Vinegar" is synonymous with the memorable culture and history of the ancent Ducato Estense. In fact, its uniqueness is due to the combination of the particular characteristics of the land and climatic conditions of the area as well as the series of historical events which have shaped and influenced the lives and personality of the people who live there.

The high productivity of the area for grapes and vines growing was already a well-known fact at the time of the Romans, who would bake the must, turning it into a food resource which was of great importance and strategy both for the military and the economy. Over the years it has been considered a kind of basic medicine able of curing any ills, as it was so precious and rare it was not commonly given as a present but on the rare occasion it happened it was a worthy gift fit for Princes and Kings. So it was that as early as the renaissance the "Balsamic" from the "Acetaia dei Duchi Estensi" become brown to the highest levels in the European aristocracy circles. In fact in 1792 the Duke Ercole gave a vial of "Balsamic" to Francis I of Austria to commemorate his coronation as Emperor.

An historical document

In an historical document the lawyer Francesco Aggazzotti, a notary and leading figure of the Modenese society, described in great detail and precision, the procedure to make the "Balsamic", using only cooked must.

Of particular importance is a letter addressed to his friend Pio Fabriani in which he explained his family’s ancient and secret methods used in the making of this precious vinegar. Some scholars date this back to 1860, others 1862 and it is preserved in the archives of the Cavazzoni Pederzini family of Modena, proving that the Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena DOP is known and appreciated all over the world and was granted DOC protection in 1986 (L.93 del 03/04/86) and DOP recognition on 17/04/2000 by the European Community.
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