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The pride and joy of ACETAIA LA BONISSIMA . In the heart soul of the Acetaia, where the barrel makes it more precious and valuable with age: in a class of its own, natural and true. Characteristically dense with complex yet delicate sweet aromas, the sauce will be unparalleled for any chef who wants to enhance their dishes. Exceptional with strawberries and desserts, unique for Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.


Cooked Grape Must and Wine Vinegar.
Gluten free, without sulphites, additives and colorings.
No expiry date 


  • Capacity 250ml.
  • Drop Pourer Cap


  • Box of 12 bottles (0,585 Kg for bottle 7,35 Kg for box)
  • Pallet 80 x 20 cm 1512 bottles 126 boxs (949,10 Kg for pallet)
Price € 42.00
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